Monday, March 8, 2010

Dior Wedge Shoe 2010

If I don't get my feet into these perfect little beauties soon I fear I might explode! I am currently on the waiting list for the black pair, priced at $1,150.00.

Dior has excelled himself with the 2010 footwear collection. These wedges are sensational. I always tend to favour a tall (4.5 - 5 inch) stack heel over any other type of heel, be it conical, stilleto, kitten whatever. However I am very particular about the shape of the stack. It must must must be all the same width, absolutely no tapering anywhere. Like a solid tall rectangle. Like a skyscraper true. If anyone out there shares my passion for such heels, you will undoubtedly share in my misery over the scarcity. Sometimes Chanel will do one, like the black patent leather cut-out booties much favoured by style maverick and raving beauty Alexa Chung. I narrowly missed out on these boots and have been kicking myself everyday. Of course, I would have much preferred this Dior version without the wedge in the middle, a hidden platform would have finished off the job nicely and created a truly classic lasting shoe. Still, I cannot wait to get mine and just like the model in the picture I shall be wearing them all over the place with ankle socks.

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