Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Naughty But Nice

OK. Today I want to discuss underwear. Not so much the trend that has been going around as of late (and will not die) of wearing underwear as outerwear but underwear that has the ability to be pretty, feminine, good quality and lets face it, seductive. Even if there is no one in particular to seduce it is just so nice and empowering I think to feel sexy under clothing. Its a confidence thing I think. Whenever I have nice lingerie on I instantly feel better, my head is up, my shoulders thrown back and there’s a lengthy leggy stride to my normally quick walk.
For years, in fact ever since they opened their first branch in Soho London, I have been a fan of Agent Provocateur. From the second you walk in and are greeted by the delicious 40’s inspired red lipstick wearing sales assistants in their sexy button down nurse uniform and the plush satin and velvet surroundings. It is just sooo plush. A little guilty pleasure. I remember one time I was shopping in there and Kylie Minogue was looking through some bra’s. Terrific! I can’t remember what she bought I couldn’t stop looking at her and thinking how pretty she is.
Myla is another good brand and La Perla and so is Fleur Of England, these suit my personality and form well.
I don’t normally wear a bra, in fact I hardly ever do. I much prefer the way t-shirts and blouses and sweaters look without one on me, more…natural. But when I do wear one I like it to match my knickers (panties). I like matching underwear and I like it to have a theme, whether 50’s inspired or all black or animal print or all lace. It just has to match and follow through to what I am wearing over it.


moochelo said...

Hey I love the first pictures. Haha.. (:

and the tests went well.. I actually did good on both of them.. and I did link you.. It basically mean, I put your blog link in my sidebar. did you see yours in my sidebar?? yeah haha it is not necessarily follow though.. so yeah :) hope it helped.

Lady Moriarty said...

My gooooood, AP is my favourite Lingerie brand !! So expensive but so pretty (and naughty) !
I've got some pieces that I cherish a lot !

See U !