Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Channelling Olivia Hussey

If you have only ever seen the recent Romeo and Juliet film, the one featuring Clare Danes, then shame on you. Scroll back a few years to Franco Zeffirelli 1968 version and you’ll immediately know why this is considered one of the most hauntingly beautiful adaptation of a Shakespearian classic. The female lead, played by Olivia Hussey was and still is in my opinion, unsurpassed. Perhaps not so much for the acting, which was rather good and believable, but for the simple truth in the fact that Hussey epitomised the Juliet that is in the mind of any imaginative person who simply must put a face to a character in order to enjoy a good book. A beauty that is raw and fresh as early dawn itself. Youth in full bloom. Innocence born not yet lost. From the perfect oval of the face to the huge soul searing almond shaped eyes to the abundant dark mahogany tresses, Olivia Hussey’s Juliet will, for me, stand out for all time.

Maybe it is the first bloom of spring with new green on branches and blossoms galore that has me in this romantic, wistful mood but lately I have found myself channelling this charming creature. I have been wearing my freshly darkened baby-fine hair, long straight and centre parted. I am to be for the coming summer a hippie princess. Glowing skin from a new beauty routine courtesy of a few natural Hungarian beauty products which have been working madly on my skin and now I can honestly say “yes, my skin is even better without foundation and powder”. Now when I leave the house it is with one quick brush of clear mascara on my eyelashes and a touch up on my rather unruly brows to keep them in place and a slick of rose scented lip balm and a dab of Moroccan attar on my décolleté – and that’s it. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I can wake up, shower, dress and be out the house in les than twenty minutes! High fashion is fun but it is also high maintenance, no?

hussey1 hussey2


Lady Moriarty said...

zeffirelli was such a good director, but I've never seen this movie !

This girl's got a haunting face.
Thank you for making me discover it !

bri. said...

beautiful blog you got goin on here, lovely! gotta love those BIG PICS. xo


Erica said...

love the romeo and juliet photos


Whispy Love said...

Lovely blog!